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TommyRes is a proven airline reservation system pioneered in the first days of low fare airlines in 2001. Ever since, we strive after a robust but flexible system based on leading industry standard cloud computing from Microsoft. TommyRes has been used at 12 airlines so far.

Our Services

Our Services
Cloud based solution

TommyRes runs in the cloud, which reduces the need of an internal IT organization to a minimum and lets the organization focus on the operation.

Complete solution

Complete solution with a minimum of training. TommyRes is web-based and all tools are available where needed, on most Internet equipment available. 

 DCS apps & web

The DCS is available both on the web or as a PC software 

Yield Management

Real time sales information combined with automatic yield functions keeps the management in control

Integrated check-in

Integrated check-in. Flight System also sends out PNL/ADLs to DCS systems but it has an integrated system for smaller airports.

So much more

Didn't we say feature complete? 


Take a look at the possibilities of TommyRes


Ready to find out more?

Feel free to contact us to get your questions answered. We will be happy to provide you with all information you need.

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