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Why Choose TommyRes?

WHAT IS TommyRes?

TommyRes (formaly known as Flight System by ZoFlynow) is a features complete online cloud reservation, yield, inventory, DCS and revenue management system for airlines using the latest technology.

TommyRes was created 2001 and has been used at 12 airlines so far.


Extremely load tolerant cloud based system. Tested with loads well over 100,000 requests per seconds.

Running in e.g cloud reduces the need of an internal IT organization to a minimum and lets the organization focus on the operation.


A very cost efficient sales channel that communicates both directly via the web and through the GDSs


TommyRes can handle complex customer information, like relationships, groups, travel managers, users, consolidated records where certain people can view more than their own bookings.

We’re also flexible and can include information like location codes, project numbers and employment codes for easy invoicing and cost control. Private fares are always shown automatically so corporate users or agents can always see their fare without the hassle to think of different rules and so forth.


Our normal booking process is kept to a minimum of graphics and non-necessary information, as we want to keep the process as simple as possible – even enabling smartphone users to book online with their minimal screen. 


 Profiles handle contact information, roles and extended properties for all users to enable/disable functions in the system or restrict access.


This is a complex system that can be used for everything from giveaway tickets at trade shows to selling gift certificates with pre-printed designs. Vouchers may be issued for a value, EUR 50, or a certain number of trips. A booking can be paid in part with a voucher and remaining value can be saved for future bookings.


Buy 10 trips and receive 11. Buy an annual pass for a whole year that allows you to easily book your trips and gives the airline funds up front.



All fields of interest can be made searchable in order to retrieve a booking where the pax has forgotten the booking reference or which date/flight he’s on. Additionally your last 20 bookings are shown for quick access if something needs later attention.  The yellow box is an alert system to inform agents of urgent matters in real time.


There’s also a task management system that automatically redirects tasks to colleagues and reminds of forgotten issues.


Who did what and when? Have you heard customers complaining of changes not made, flights booked wrong date? Well here’s a one-stop shop to prove what has happened.


Special/private fares can be assigned to one or a group of users (using a contract) and can be made available for any currency. Fares can be absolute values (€45), discounts (50%) or relative (€-10).  Special fares are connected to allotments and allotments are controlled by time limiters to open for general booking if not used at a certain time before STD.


We currently handle 3 taxes as well as VAT added or being a part of the fares. These taxes may or may not show up to the user. Agents can add their own service charges (like call center fees). The product system also allows for additional products to be sold with the booking as well as name change fees, changing fees, x number of changes free and so forth.


Excess baggage is easy to handle and can be pre-ordered with the booking or added by the handling agent – the charges goes on the booking and is charged by the airlines systems directly making accounting easy and giving the customer an updated consolidated receipt of all the costs on one single paper. Our DCS is totally integrated into the reservation system.


Reporting tools are real time reports with customizable filtering and at a glance reports for sales by minute, flight loads and yield functions.


These reports split down sales for any given user to show sales/taken money/funds per payment method


We can connect to your ERP software in different ways; either an API to direct connect or transfer booking by booking in detail, or use the consolidated transactions day by day.


Timetable files can be imported and will create all flights ready for booking directly. The flights are created from templates with templates for number of seats per class as well as all fares per class. The template holds information like handling agents, time zone differences and so forth as well as limitations on number of WC*, BLND, INF and CHD.


Cancelled or delayed flights are very easy to handle with a vast selection of sending information to the PAX (email/mail merge/SMS) as well as move PAX to another flight and make automatic vouchers


(Payment Service Providers, credit card companies) are easy to integrate. TommyRes reports can easily be pasted into MS Excel for manipulation or to create graphics. We send PNLs via email to handling agents. Our Web Service API (Application Program Interface) is used by most low cost portals and is easy to adopt for any travel agent that wants a direct connect to their own production systems. The API is easy to use and can be used for all functions of the system, make bookings, change bookings, pay for bookings, retrieve bookings, send email confirmations etc.


Local hot list system in order to deny or alert for PAX, credit card or IPs in order to not get unwanted PAX bookings.


Flexibility, easy to change to match your needs.

And so much more

  • A small-integrated function for cargo.

  •  Complementary revenues from hotels and rental cars, all integrated in the system with internal or external inventory.

  • Contains DCS available both on the web or as a PC software running on Windows PCs with intuitive graphical user interface for quick training of new handing personel. 

  • Easy to integrate into corporate wide solutions with ERP, OP and so forth via a well formed web service API

  • Integrated inventory of hotel allotments for dynamic packaging and set packages.

  • On top of the normal credit cards we also support multiple PSP connections, travel accounts, punch cards, ATM machines, top up accounts, invoicing and an internal voucher system for freebees, vouchers/gift certificates for a certain amount.

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