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Yield Management

Real time sales information combined with automatic yield functions keeps the management in control minute by minute and responsive to the ever evolving competitive marketplace. 


TommyRes has 26 cabins (Y, C, F …) and 32.000 sub-classes to each class. This allows for advanced yielding as well easy fine tune with readymade fares that can be opened and closed as needed. Classes can be locked and put available for a certain period only. I.e. a class can be €50 for 1-9 November but all other months €73.


TommyRes will present the lowest fare automatically. Some classes may share the same “seat” – like ID50 tickets may actually share a Y class seat and first come, first serve. This makes the need to manual reconfiguration less than minimal.


Allotments are somewhat tricky for many systems and TommyRes handles both locked allotments and flexible allotments by a deadline before STD. In combination with private fares, this makes allotments a breeze to manage and maximize load & yield.

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